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Large Delivery Robot with a Pager

The Hola Bot with its large body is capable of a 60Kg carrying capacity. With its innovative pager and voice system, you can communicate with the bot instantly and easily. Boosting turnaround times in your business making operations more efficient.

Pager Function

With the pager function the robot is easily traceable and allowing for a faster operation in your business.

Waterproof Inner Cabin

The IPX 5 water proof inner cabin, this allows the robot to be more durable against certain liquid contact. 

Large Capacity

Each compartment space of the robot is capable of carrying 15kg of weight. With four compartments the robot is able to carry 60kg of weight.

Sound Tracking

Equipped with a 6 omnidirectional microphone the robot is able to locate sound source in real time and turn around intelligently.

Contactless Interaction

With an option of contactless interaction the robot is able to function faster and easier for your workers.

The Hola Bot is the perfect partner for businesses looking for an efficient and reliable robot. With its large capacity and pager function, it can carry out complex tasks with ease.  With many implementation in different fields, this robot has got you covered. 

Smart Large Capacity delivery robot to maximize efficiency


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