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The Intelligent Delivery Robot

The award winning Pudu Bot main feature is to smoothly deliver items throughout your space. It is an easy solution for higher efficiency, With adjustable trays and high end technology  it's able to navigate through your space with ease and safety in mind. 

Smart Sensor

With the Pudu Bot you don't have to worry about accidents, as it has high end sensor technology to avoid obstacles in it's way.

Easy Operation

The Pudu Bot's interface is designed to be very simple and easy for customers to interact with and employees to use.

Linkage Suspension

For a more stable delivery the linkage suspension in the robot aids in going though bumps and ensuring objects are  always on the tray.

Flexible Tray

Depending on your preferences, With the Pudu Bot you can customize either putting an open tray or an enclosed tray in the robot.

Interactive Light Strip

To better Communicate with it's surroundings the light strips indicates what it does before an action to provide more safety in your space.

Looking for a smarter way to manage your operations? Look no further than Pudu Bot. This smart delivery robot is designed to increase efficiency. With its smart navigation system and advanced capabilities, Pudu Bot is the ultimate solution for businesses of all sizes.

Smart Delivery Robot to Increase Operational Efficiency 


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