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  • Our products include Delivery Robot,Disinfection Robot, Cleaning Robot and etc.

  • Robot's functions include goods delivery, greet, escort/guide, advertisement marketing, autonomous cleaning and etc .

  • Specifications vary from robot to robot, please check Model for more information.

  • Carrying capacity is vary from robot to robot. 30KG for PuduBot and KettyBot; 40KG for BellaBot and 60kg for PUDU HolaBot, please check Model for more information.

  • The robots cannot be soaked in water, but light splashing allowed.

  • Our robots are also widely applied in shopping malls, hospitals, schools, office buildings, government halls, subway stations, waiting rooms, factories and etc.

  • We offer product training and after-sales services, please feel free to contact us if is in need.

  • The robots' running status is relatively stable. Used an electric vehicle suspension system, which enhances stability and allows to deal with far more unexpected scenarios.

  • Our robots support slopes up to 15 degrees. But we do not recommend you let the robot climbing slopes that are more than 5 degrees, more details please check the product manual.

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