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The All-Powerful Delivery Robot

The award winning Swift Bot features an automatic opening door in it's body. Built with the latest navigation and mapping technology, it can cruise through with ease with high efficiency. An easy and powerful solution for your business. 

Automatic Opening Door

For a touch-free and easy operation the robot features an automatic opening door accessed via interactive projection. 

Smart Visible Indicator

The visible projection is to help everyone see where the robot is going  and what actions it will take.

Space Intergration

The space integration allows the robot to function in your space seamlessly. Integrating with elevators, electronic doors, phones, and much more.

Omnidirectional Perception

Safety is always priority. The robot equipped with omnidirectional perception always allow it to be careful of where it is going.

Padestrian Priority

The robot alway prioritize pedestrians, so you don't have to worry about it bumping into anyone, when they are operating. 

Looking for a robot that can take your business to the next level? Look no further than the Swift Bot. This versatile robot is designed to help you achieve more with less effort. With its cutting-edge features, including obstacle avoidance and multi-tasking capabilities, you can trust that the Swift Bot will deliver the automation and efficiency your business deserves.

An all powerful delivery robot for your space


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