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The All New Delivery Robot

Say hello to the Pudu Bot 2 - the newest addition to the line delivery robots. With its innovative technology, it can provide fast and accurate delivery services in a variety of settings. From restaurants to hospitals, the Pudu Bot 2 is sure to impress.

VSLAM+ Technology 


Improved Chasis


Versatile Body


Powerful LFP Battery


Auto Charging


3D Obstacle Avoidance

This feature ensures that the environment will always be safe and robot always detects obstacles all around before it makes an action.

Power Exchange

For a longer usage of the robot, the  faster battery replacement. 24/7 operations: a piece of cake for BellaBot.

Dual Navigation System

Bella features visual & laser SLAM. This allows more flexibility allowing Bella Bot to adapt to many more different working scenarios.

Infrared Induction Tray

With flexibility in in mind, the modular structure allows for quick disassembly and intelligent infrared induction. A smarter tray for more efficient delivery.​ 

Pleasing Design Aesthetics

With a cute and modern look to the robot. Allows many interactive possibilities to the environment that you put the Bella Bot in.




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