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Stephanie Gong

Chief Executive Officer

With over 30 years of experience in the dining and catering industry, Stephanie is the owner of multiple Chicago-based restaurants. In addition, her skill set and knowledge expand into Real Estate, with success in investments and property management. Also, a venture capitalist with a portfolio of investments in companies in the technology sector.

Yiming Wang

VP Project Manager

Youngest member of the team, but making waves with a background in Marketing, Communications and Analytics. Yiming brings immense experience in digital marketing, computer programing, content creation and data analysis. A skilled multi-tasker and leader.

Ivan Williams

Chief Creative Officer

A background in Informatics and Graphic Design. Ivan brings more than 15 years of experience in Advertising and Communications, with a wealth of experience in digital and traditional advertising, marketing and media services and a repertoire of multinational clients.

Jason Lee

VP of Operations

Jason Lee founded Asiana Foodville in 2007, focusing on ethnic foodservice and specialty cuisine.  Foodville continues to grow beyond multiple collegiate and healthcare campuses, currently with 8 thriving brands. He joined RutechUSA in 2023, in order to further scale up operating partners and expand food-related services, continually facing the growing needs of smart automation and productivity in foodservice and facilities sectors.

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