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IPX5 Waterproof Inner Cabin

Can effectively resist various liquid splashes in the working environment and keep the machine body clean


The Independent Suspension System

HolaBot's self-adaptive and adjustable suspension system, which meets vehicle standards, adjust to the best condition by changing damping and resonance frequency based on the road and moving conditions


Super-Large Volume &

High Carrying Capacity

  • Changeable inner tray

  • 132 lbs of weight carry capacity

  • 32 gallon of volume

  • Can carry 120 small plates and 39 big plates, and 33 bowls in one trip before returning to the kitchen

What solution does HolaBot provide?

  • Repetitive table serving

  • Table bussing tasks with waterproof and high-capacity cabin

  • Contactless delivery with a paging watch

  • Boosting efficiency

  • Dual Solutions : Laser SLAM and Visual SLAM

Serving solutions optimized for each vertical

Pudu Robotics has independently researched and developed. Its own robot positioning and navigating technologies based on a multi-sensor solution, HolaBot is the service solution for a wide range of businesses such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels, resorts, serviced residences, community space, office buildings, etc...


Air Motion

No need to touch the buttons,efficient and contactless.


Paging Function

HolaBot comes with a paging

function, allowing you to call and assign tasks to the robot at any time


Sound Tracking

Equipped with gesture recognition and voice control dual modules, no need to touch, simplify terminal operation

First Dual SLAM Techonogy

The PUDU SLAM system makes it easy for robots to find their way in complex indoor environments

Pudu Cloud Service

Visual business management automated operation and maintenance,

scenario data collection, and cloud-intelligent service

Pudu Scheduler System

Independently developed the distributed Pudu Scheduler system, comprehensively upgraded the multi-machine collaboration capability

Four Core Escort Function

Centimeter-level real-time positioning, high-precision mapping., optimal route planning., and instant response for obstacle avoidance

Long Battery Life

4-hour full charge and continuous operation for up to 10-24 hours

(Replaceable Battery)



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