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Dual Lidar, Precise Perception

360° sensing, with environmental features

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Automatic Charging, Always Stand-by

Support auto-recharging without manual intervention


High Performance LFP Battery

  • Operates up to 24H on a 3 hour charge 6X longer battery lifetime

  • Enhanced safety and reliability.

What solutions does PuduBot2 provide?

  • Repetitive table serving

  • Table bussing tasks for multiple scenarios

  • Best-selling commercial service robot

  • Boosting efficiency

  • Dual Solutions : Laser SLAM and Visual SLAM

Serving solutions optimized for each vertical

Pudu Robotics has independently researched and developed its own robot positioning and navigating technologies based on a multi-sensor solution. PuduBot2 is the service solution for a wide range of businesses such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels, resorts, serviced residences, community space, office buildings, etc...

All-inclusive Platform, Endless Capabilities

Support third-party development, customization and expansion

Multi-Industry Linkage

Including management in manufacture, retail, hospital & clinic. as well as entertainment & leisure

Outstanding Compatibilities

Support Type-C/4G/LoRa/Wi-Fi connection

Fully Enclosed Machine Design

Effectively resist dust and water

Simplified Deployment, Greater Adaptability

Marker-less deployment reduces 75% deployment time without redecoration of ceiling and comforts with reliable operation even in high ceiling environment

Various Delivery Modes, Diverse Delivery Scenarios

Support four delivery modes and easy switching as required, deeply meet the delivery needs of different scenarios


Industry-leading Chassis System

Adapt to various road surfaces, 30% improvement in moving stability


Calling and Notification

Support Pudu Watch and App Calling, assign and manage tasks simply with one click


Fully Enclosed Machine Design

Effectively resist dust and water


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