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Multimodal Interaction

Light interaction, touch feedback and smart expression bring an unprecedented human-robot interaction experience.


Intelligent Tray

The modular quick release structure and intelligent infrared sensing ability create intelligent trays and a more efficient delivery


Enclosed Dish Cover

3 layers of large space, magnetic door opening method, contactless delivery, safer service.

What solutions does BellaBot provide?

  • Repetitive table serving

  • Table bussing tasks

  • Boosting efficiency

  • Multimodal interaction

  • Touch feedback 

  • Smart expression

  • Dual Solutions : Laser SLAM and Visual SLAM

Serving solutions optimized for each vertical

Pudu Robotics has independently researched and developed its own robot positioning and navigating technologies based on a multi-sensor solution. BellaBot is the service solution for a wide range of businesses such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels, resorts, serviced residences, community space, office buildings, etc...


Laser SLAM

BellaBot supports both Laser SLAM and Visual SLAM positioning and navigation solutions in order to adapt to more scenarios. Both of which are accurate and easy to use. Both positioning solutions which BellaBot offers provide the same excellent user experience. 

Visual SLAM

While the positioning solutions differ, BellaBot's customer-centered service never changes.

3D Obstacle Avoidance

In pursuit of higher safety, BellaBot is equipped with 3D sensors and a new modular chassis. It can stop at any angle and move away as soon as it encounters obstacles.


First Dual SLAM Technology

Support both Visual SLAM and Laser SLAM navigation solutions for full coverage in any scenario

Pudu Cloud Service

Intelligent Cloud Scenarios & Robot Service Cloud provide data support for scenario-based operations

All-New Delivery Capabilities

Masterful in delivery, cruising, and escorting guests

Four Core Escort Function

Centimeter-level real-time positioning, high-precision mapping., optimal route planning, and 0.5-second instant response for obstacle avoidance

Power Exchange Technology

12~24 hours ultra-long battery life, the quick-release battery can also achieve 24/7 operations around the clock

Stable Operations

A minimum clearance at 27.6'', and auto-level suspension to ensure smooth and steady operations

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