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Automatic Charging

Intelligent auto-charging for 7*24 services


Mission at-1-call

Flexible calling, quick response


Automatic Electric Door

Securing safety, hygiene, and privacy of every delivery.

What solutions does SwiftBot provide?

  • Repetitive table serving

  • Table bussing tasks

  • Projection interaction and visible status indicator

  • Boosting efficiency

  • Dual Solutions : Laser SLAM and Visual SLAM:

Serving solutions optimized for each vertical

Pudu Robotics has independently researched and developed its own robot positioning and navigating technologies based on a multi-sensor solution.  SwiftBot is the service solution for a wide range of businesses such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels, resorts, serviced residences, community space, office buildings, etc...


AI Voice Interaction

Built-in AI voice module, supporting store custom voice, personalized response to customer needs, more accurate and efficient interaction

Greeting & Escorting

Support voice and manual control to lead the seat, independent planning of the optimal path to guide guests to sit

Mission at-1-call

Flexible calling, quick response

IoT Functionality

Type-C/4G/LORA/Wi-Fi CompatibleRobots & devices cooperate in different scenarios

Automatic Charging

Intelligent auto-charging for 7*24 services

Pattern Interaction in Special Modes

Innovative route visualization and powerful perception capabilities allow SwiftBot to avoid people in front of and behind it in multiple directions, enabling it to complete its tasks efficiently during peak restaurant hours.

Realtime Visualized Status

Every step of SwiftBot is visible and understandable. By projecting the robot's walking path onto the ground through laser projection, people can easily know the robot's walking route, so that they can quickly choose the best path to pass.

Omnidirectional Perception Capability

Efficient multi-sensor gives the robot powerful backward sensing capabilities, allowing the SwiftBot to move freely in complex environments

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